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New South Wales


we sell AUTHENTIC handmade, hand painted Australian Aboriginal RETURNING BOOMERANGS CHILDRENS BOOMERANGS,CLAP STICKS AND BULL ROARERS made and sold by Aboriginal people and their families. fast shipping. Buy a boomerang. boomerangs for sale.

Shipping Info

We ship using Australia Post international air freight, economy air. this doesnt offer international tracking, if you need tracking please contact us and we will get a quote for you. On most occasions,  delivery to Europe and USA and Canada. is around 7-10 days. from shipping, Other areas can take longer. We ship mostly within 2 days of order- this can be a little longer in busy times.

Generally, you can expect to see your boomerang in around 14 days.

Shipping is $20AU. to Europe and USA and Canada. for the 1 boomerang, a pair of clap sticks, or bull roarer.

 $30 for 2 -3 or 4 boomerangs, clap sticks or bull roarers as 2 just puts the weight into the next category for Australia Post International.

Shipping for children's boomerangs is capped at $20 for two or more boomerangs. 

Please contact us when you wish to purchase more than 2 boomerangs and tell us which boomerangs you want and we will raise an invoice through paypal as the website can't combine shipping.

Please contact us for a shipping quote for bulk orders or if delivery is to other areas.

Occasionally there are delays.

 Please understand we have no control over your local postal system.