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How to throw a Boomerang

how to throw a boomerang

Throwing a boomerang is a great sport, good exercise and a whole lot of fun. Please exercise all caution to ensure you don't cause damage or injure anyone including yourself. We offer some basic techniques below to get you started, and there are many sporting organisations for boomerang throwing online and they offer some good advice to help you stay safe.

Have fun, stay safe.

Step 1.
Firstly, face the wind, making sure you only throw when there is a slight wind. Place the "x" in the palm of your right hand.

Step 2.
Now aim to the right of the wind at about 45 degrees, and aim up roughly 30 degrees.

Step 3.
Tip the boomerang to the right a little at about the one o'clock position on a clock.

Step 4.

The throw is with a flick to make the boomerang spin. Never throw in high wind, or where it can cause damage.