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New South Wales


we sell AUTHENTIC handmade, hand painted Australian Aboriginal RETURNING BOOMERANGS CHILDRENS BOOMERANGS,CLAP STICKS AND BULL ROARERS made and sold by Aboriginal people and their families. fast shipping. Buy a boomerang. boomerangs for sale.

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All decorated boomerangs are $38 AU each.

The basic boomerang is $15.

Shipping is $15 to Europe and the U.S.A.

   Shipping within Australia is $10

Other countries please contact us for a shipping quote


please email us your details and boomerang choice

through the contacts page and we will raise an invoice accordingly, through  Paypal.  The system can't vary the postage


 for orders of more than 2 boomerangs please see

our shipping page.


please contact us for a quote.



All payments go through Pay Pal, so you know your payment is safe. We make, paint and ship our boomerangs from a place in northern N.S.W.  Australia. Shipping takes a day to get to the closest town post office. From there, it will be shipped to you.

It takes normally 7 - 10 days to Europe or the U.S.A. Other areas may take a little longer.



Plain basic, wooden boomerangs for sale.

Wooden boomerangs.

Simple, strong returning boomerang made from sturdy timber.

These basic wooden boomerangs are the same handcrafted ones we use for  our decorated boomerangs.




Large Strong Family

The large circle of dots represent a family with a kangaroo(happiness) and platypus (friendship)  and the white spiral design is a wind spirit which is a guide, so you don't get lost.




Second design shows a family inside tribal bars, which is like a signature, showing where your family comes from and belongs. Again, the totems are there along with the wind spirits. The dolphin, in some areas, was a kangaroo who fell into the water and turned himself into a dolphin and brings happiness to the coastal people.



Two families coming together

The third design shows two families coming together in friendship or marriage, joined by the kangaroo totem for happiness. Again, the wind spirit is there so the happiness will not be lost.



Family values

The forth design is a family who has grown up children. They are making their own families but hold the original family values and share the same totems. Here we see the goanna(lizard) which represents pride and a kangaroo for happiness.



Close Families

The fifth design is a family grown up, but are still a very close family, involved in each other's lives.

Here we have a platypus representing friendship and a kangaroo for happiness

and wind spirits to ensure that we don't get lost.